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List of Uric Acid Foods

List of Uric Acid Foods

High levels of uric acid in the blood stream can lead to gout, a painful condition. When uric acid builds up, it crystallizes in the joints, making them tender and red. While there are various medicines that can alleviate the symptoms, preventing them is preferable. Part of avoiding gout is avoiding or limiting foods that can cause it.


Lamb, beef and pork are high purine meats. Since uric acid is a purine, these types of meats generally are connected with gout. Limiting their ingestion---and eliminating it during a gout attack---may reduce your chances of having a gout attack. Of particular danger for gout are animal brains, kidneys and livers. Gravy from all these meats also should be avoided. Chicken, especially with the skin, also has a high uric acid level. According to the Mayo Clinic, game meat such as duck and venison, also have been been associated with high purines.


Some foods derived from plants also contain or produce large amounts of uric acid. Among these are mushrooms, asparagus, lentils, cauliflower, spinach, peas and beans. Oatmeal also should be avoided. Cucumbers, apples and carrots, on the other hand, have low uric acid levels.


Alcohol in moderation isn't generally a problem, but large amounts--more than three alcoholic drinks a day--can be. Beer, especially, because it is made from grains, can cause gout attacks. According to a study by the Massachussetts General Hospital and the Harvard Medical School, beer was found to increase the chance in men of having gout. The study found that more than two beers a day increases the likelihood of gout. This same study found that two glasses of wine per day does not increase the likelihood of gout. Other types of alcohol also raise the risk factor for gout, although not as much as beer.


Some types of seafood also may produce large amounts of uric acid in the human blood stream. Codfish, sardines, scallops, herring, trout, anchovies, haddock and sardines have been shown to produce high levels of uric acid. Fish eggs, such as caviar, also can be harmful. Tuna actually has a greater uric acid level than anchovies.
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