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What is gout?

Foods High in Uric Acid
What is gout?

Its symptoms include joint swelling, tenderness, reddish rash, and inflammation. Other symptoms include fever, fatigue, associated headache, and anxiety.

Gout is caused by uric-acid crystal formation around joints. The prime target is the big toe, but once that becomes inflamed other joints may follow.
According to several studies, the incidence gout is on the increase.
There may be several reasons for this, possibly including increased alcohol consumption and greater use of medications. Interestingly, its mainly that suffer from gout but there’s an increased risk for menopausal women.
Conventional treatment for gout include anti-inflammatory drugs, pain-killers, and colchicine.

Some Gout Facts

Here’s some interesting information (including some accepted facts) about gout.

* About 1 in 4 people with gout disease have a family history of it.
* It’s estimated over 85% of gout sufferers are male.
* Excessive alcohol consumption is significant risk factor.
* Gout attacks can occur suddenly without any warning signs.
* Around 30 – 55% of gout sufferers have elevated blood pressure.
* A common diagnosis for gout is urine-testing for uric acid crystals.
* Fever-like symptoms are common during gout attacks.
* Obesity is a risk factor for gout development.
* Learning to control pain via hypnotherapy may be effective for gout.
* Consuming dairy products may help lower the risk of developing gout.
Foods high in uric acid...

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